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Got Air Scuba

Air Fills

​Our compressor's air is tested quarterly to the highest standard for SCUBA Diving Air–Compressed Gas Association (CGA) Standard G-7.1-2004 Grade E(2) for oxygen compatible air.  This means that ALL of our fills are hyper-clean air, at no extra cost to you.

On the way to your next dive, stop by Got Air Scuba Dive Shop for your air fills. Our friendly staff can fill your tanks while you wait.  We can fill high pressure tanks (up to 3500 psi). We also have Argon available for those wishing to use it as an insulative gas.

here's the cost:


Low Pressure Tank

Air FIll  $7.00                                   

Air Fill LP Card     12 Fills for only $70.00

High Pressure Tank

Air Fill   $8.00

Air Fill HP Card     12 Fills for only $80.00


We fill all compressed air paintball tanks, even tanks that have pressure values up to 4000 psi. All tanks must be current with DOT standards to include a current Hydrostatic Test Date.  

You must sign a current "I will not use for SCUBA" release from upon drop-off - please bring your Driver's License or ID for verification.