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Got Air Scuba

Nikkii Krocke

PADI Master Scuba Diver

Nikkii joined Got Air in October 2016 and was instantly addicted. She has earned her Elite Master Scuba Diver rating in just 8 months!  Her passion for diving is incredibly infectious.


We appreciate and embrace the difference that a passionate and safe instructor can make when a new diver enters the water for the first time in SCUBA gear.


Our customers are the most important stakeholders in our business and the lifeblood of everything we do.

Our success is dependent upon the collective energy and knowledge of all our team members.

We relentlessly seek out the latest technology in equipment and accessories to keep you outfitted with top of the line gear. 

JK Krocke

PADI Master Scuba Diver

JK joined Got Air in October 2016 and was instantly addicted. He has earned his Elite Master Scuba Diver rating in just 8 months!  JK's patience and listening skills are going to make him an incredible DiveMaster.

Got Air scuba's dive shop staff:

Mark Whitten

PADI Assistant Instructor

Certified with us in 2008 - Mark excelled quickly to become  Got Air Scuba's First DiveMaster. We're so excited to have him diving with us, when he's not riding his Harley!

Joe Pikrone

Joe's  been diving with Got Air for just over a year.  He is extremely passionate about diving - so much so we're pretty much expecting him to be an instructor by fall 2018.  Place your bets.

Harold Bach III

PADI Course Director

Harold has received 5 Platinum Awards throughout his Scuba Career.  We're so proud to have him as Got Air's newest Team Member!

Pedro Boria

PADI Assistant Instructor

Got Air Elite  Master Scuba Diver

Pedro has been diving with Got Air Scuba for the last three years. He is extremely passionate about SCUBA and can't wait to share all that he's learned with you!

Dan Vegter

PADI Assistant Instructor

Got Air Elite Master Scuba Diver

Dan was certified in 1992 and after a few years out of the water, Dan was reintroduced to the sport a couple years ago. Since then, he hasn't even gone a month out of the water.

and of course, our divemaster candidates:

James Rankin

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Certified with us in 2014 - James can't get enough of being in the water and taking AMAZING pictures. When he's not Scuba Diving, he's out flying planes or running marathons!  Go James Go

Kim Rankin

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Certified with us in 2014 - Kim has quickly become a diveaholic, always ready to get in the water...as long as her blowdryer is waiting for her at the surface :-)

Cale Dove

PADI DiveMaster

​Got Air Elite Master Scuba Diver

Certified with us in 2013 - Cale is passionate about continuing his Scuba Education and loves passing on what he's learned to new divers.

Ashli Blauser

PADI DiveMaster

Got Air Elite Master Scuba Diver

Certified with us in 2013 - Ashli is our go-to girl for helping new divers who struggle with their skills.  Her patience and willingness to help is refreshing.

Brian Carr

PADI DiveMaster

Got Air Elite Master Scuba Diver

Certified with us in 2012, Brian has been traveling all over the world diving amazing locations such as Hawaii and Roatan.

our mission is to get you diving and keep you diving!

Jim McGregor

PADI Assistant Instructor

Got Air Elite Master Scuba Diver

Certified with us in 2009, Jim is always with his camera in tow, He is always ready for his next adventure, whether it's diving or flying a helicopter. 

Sarah Kaufmann

PADI Instructor

Project Aware Specialist

​​Got Air Elite Master Scuba Diver

Certified with us in 2014 - Sarah instantly fell in love with diving. With her bubbly personality and her desire to over-achieve, we are so fortunate to have her around!

Debbie Breit

PADI Master Scuba Diver

Debbie got certified in Hawaii. She finally joined us in the midwest and hasn't looked back, although she travels to the warm waters often.

Allison Kozlowski

PADI DiveMaster

GOT AIR SCUBA Shop Manager

Allison is a Marine Biologist and volunteers at the Shedd Aquarium when she's not managing the shop.

We are a FULL SERVICE PADI DIVE CENTER which means if it has anything to do with SCUBA, we can take care of it. Our shop is stocked with SCUBA gear and equipment for your shopping pleasure. We offer all types of SCUBA related services, gear sales, and rentals. Stop by during our business hours, and see what we have to offer. ​

Got Air Scuba is an authorised dealer for quality scuba dive brands including ScubaPro, Bare, Light & Motion Dive & Video Lights, Ocean Reef, Stahlsac, Suunto, SharkSkin, and tons more. There’s plenty of brand new, shiny dive and snorkeling stuff in the shop (and a bunch of cool, fun and useful stuff) on which to spend your hard-earned cash.

Whether you want to buy your own equipment, or rent ours, here are 3 reasons why you’ve found the right place to spend your hard-earned cash:

1. Honest Professional Advice:

With over 17 years of diving and teaching experience, you can count on Got Air Scuba to provide you with extraordinary scuba instruction and dive experiences for every level of diver. All of us have taught people struggling to deal with dive equipment that's simply not right for them. To help you get the most of your diving, and make it easy, comfortable, and enjoyable - ask us to help you find equipment that's right for you. 

​​2. We donate a percentage of everything you buy to Project Aware

​Over the years, Project AWARE has stayed at the forefront of emerging ocean issues and pressing global challenges.  Project AWARE brings your unique underwater perspective and represents your voice, the voice of the dive community, at key ocean conservation fora.

Together, we protect the ocean planet - one dive at a time℠.

​3. Free Rentals

We guarantee we have what you want in stock.  If you purchase something that has been swimming off our shelves and it's not available for your next dive, you're welcome to use our excellent rental equipment free of charge in the meantime.

John Zalewski

PADI Master Instructor

Certified in 2000, John has Certified hundreds of students from entry level to AI. His passion for diving is contagious.  John has just completed his 1,200th dive

on our trip to Palau!

Mike Wallenberg

PADI IDC Staff Instructor 

Certified with us in 2008, Mike started as one of Got Air Scuba's first students. What a success story!   Mike volunteers at at the Shedd Aquarium every month.

Kim Zalewski

PADI IDC Staff Instructor

​Project Aware Specialist

Certified in 2000, Kim loves diving all over the world, but nothing beats spending the weekend with new students at Haigh Quarry!

Meet our instructors:

Looking for a dive center committed to diver safety, quality, and taking care of the environment...

You’re in the right place.

At Got Air Scuba, we dedicate everything we do towards quality training, excellent customer service, and to giving you an experience you will never forget. Come SEA what we're all about!

welcome to Got Air scuba

Nate McGraw

Nate found Got Air in 2015 and has since turned our shop upside down with his passion and commitment.  We are so fortunate to be a part of his adventures!

Colleen McLaughlin

Got Air Scuba Shop Manager

Certified with us in 2016 - Colleen has since dived Mexico, Florida, and of course, Haigh Quarry.  She will be getting her Rescue Diver in August 2017.

Colleen McLaughlin

Colleen started diving with Got Air in 2016.  She's already on the fast track to becoming a DIveMaster. We're lucky to have such a bright star in our shop and in the water!

Jason Makowski

PADI DiveMaster

Got Air Elite Master Scuba Diver

Jason certified with us in 2015 and he's hooked!  A man of many trades - he's also an artist, a pilot, a DJ, and a Taylor.  

...and our amazing divemasters:

Our instructors and qualified assistants are trained under PADI's guidelines, the most highly recognized certification agency in the world. On-going staff training programs, and the benefits gained from our range of educational experience, allow us to constantly evolve our standards and training methods to meet and exceed the industry standards in every area.​

Jeff Giambrone

Jeff found Got Air Scuba last year and has been continually taking classes with us.  He's a natural in the water, and will be equally as great in the DiveMaster roll!

Tommy Albert

Got Air Elite Master Scuba Diver

Tommy's  been diving and traveling with Got Air Scuba for the last two years. He is extremely passionate about SCUBA, Motorcycle Riding, and Travel

Brian Gutzmer

PADI Assistant Instructor

Got Air Elite Master Scuba Diver

Brian has been diving with Got Air Scuba since 2016. He plans to run a boat charter in Florida as soon as he becomes a Scuba Instructor. Maybe we'll be franchising  Got Air Scuba soon....

Bill Jolley

Bill was certified in 2014 in Bonaire and has been perfecting his skills by taking multiple classes since. He's just a few dives away from earning his Master Scuba Diver rating